Every now and then, we take a look at the 'Missed Connections' on Craigslist in Bozeman out of curiosity.

Within the past month, there have been quite a few missed connections that have been rather entertaining. During the pandemic, many people have been bored while stuck at home and craving social interaction.

We're not sure if the 'Missed Connections' section on Craigslist actually works. Do people respond? Personally, I think it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, and we hope people find what ever it is that they're looking for.

With that being said, here are some of the best missed connections from the month of November.

Could a friendly game of basketball turned into a love connection?

Shooting Hoops

You were shooting hoops with your kid. Maybe your kid. I was running my dogs at the park across from you. I enjoyed watching your game. I hope I didn’t make you mad when I gave the ball back to your kid. Anyway I thought you were beautiful, I wanted to say something but didn’t. I hope you see this.

This guy just wants to have a COVID free conversation with a little flirty chatting.

COVID Free Convo (Bozeman)

Bored outta my mind. Anyone want to do some flirty chatting? Cant get covid from your phone! Im a guy btw.

Hey, nice baby Yoda shirt! Everybody loves baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda at Chipotle (Bozeman)

We talked in passing on Friday. You had a baby Yoda shirt on and commented about my hoodie. You were quite hot. If you see this tell me what was on my hoodie that you liked. Maybe there are other things we can like about each other.

This isn't the first time this person has made a connection on Craigslist. Is the fire still burning?

Our Crazy Rendezvous (Liv/Boz)

We messed around about 10 years ago after we met on Craigslist. It went on for a couple years. Wouldn’t mind trying it out again just for fun, w/out all the drama.
Put the catch phrase in the subject line that we used all the time.

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