Last Thursday, a masked gunman robbed a Bozeman massage business and now details are emerging about what happened.

John Wade King was arrested the day after the robbery. According to court documents, he took out a semi-automatic weapon and demanded that the employees of Health Care Massage, on Oak Street in Bozeman, take off their clothes and give him their cell phones.

King handed the receptionist a typed note in Mandarine-Chinese. Translated it read:

"This is a robbery. I don't want to shoot anyone. First, give me money. Second, give me your cell phones. Third, take off your clothes and move into the back room. Sit against the wall. Be quiet and do not make a sound. Do not use your phone. I do not want to hurt you."

King left with $200 and three employees' cellphones.

Based on the description given to police by the victims, and a video of King visiting the business on June 2, he was arrested the next day after police pulled him over while driving in Bozeman.

Inside the car, police found a semi-automatic gun and an AR style rifle. Also discovered was an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Bozeman police contacted Billings police who sent a bomb squad to Bozeman to secure the device.

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