We're not sure if there is a 2016 Pond-a-Palooza in Bozeman's future but we sure hope so AND we hope to be invited. Holy cow this looks like the most fun party ever.

We stumbled across this great recap of the 2014 Pond-a-Palooza featuring Cure for the Common. (We're calling you guys next to find out what the dirt was.)

It appears that Pond-a-Palooza is not unique to Bozeman. We found a bunch of them on Facebook and a few videos here and there.

It's part hang, part concert, part chill, part float, part awesome.

However, our most excellent outdoor recreation activities and numerous appropriate party locations make Bozeman probably the most logical town to have a Pond-a-Palooza.

We just feel a bit stupid for missing it!

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