We had the pleasure and honor of having Al Sandvold on the XL Morning Show today to talk about the Livingston Classic PBR. Al is a former bullfighter who was good enough to make it to the National Finals Rodeo. He was also selected eight times for the Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals.

Al was a professional bullfighter for over 20 years, throwing his body in front of bulls to keep the riders safe from the 1600 pound beast underneath them.

After his career was over, Al decided to become a professional barber and now cuts hair at Max's Old-Time Barbershop (207 E. Main) in Belgrade. He also runs a bullfighting school to teach those who are interested how to make their living as a bullfighter.

"I can tell in about ten minutes," Al told us on the radio, "if a person has what it takes to become a professional bullfighter."

He also said bullfighting is mostly "mental," and that it's "all about teamwork. It's like a dance, and you have to be able to work well with others," since there's other bullfighters who you are teamed with.

Here's what I learned from our conversation this morning:

  • Bullfighting school is only 3 days long. I just assumed it would be a longer program
  • You should watch cows move to become a good bullfighter. Cattle and bulls are similar in the way they move, and to be a good bullfighter you need to be able to anticipate what the bull is going to go next.
  • You don't have to be short to be a bullfighter. Al is 6 feet tall. I thought you had to be the height of a jockey.
  • Fighting bulls is mostly mental. That means I'm out. Well, it would if I already wasn't too scared to do it.

Dude is amazing! And that's why he's the Official BFD (Bullfighting Director) of the Livingston Classic PBR.

photo by Townsquare Media
photo by Townsquare Media

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