These all sound like a great time.

Credit:Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

The Big Sky Country State Fair is back and I am extremely excited. There are so many fun activities, rides and concerts going on I thought I would go through my "Top Five Things To Do While at the Big Sky Country State Fair." Here are my top five:

  • 1


    They always show up with new rides, and I personally love the carnival. Whether it be winning prizes or feeling like a kid again, it's always a treat.

  • 2

    Aussie Kingdom

    Um...kangaroos, wallabies, lizards and more from Australia. Count me in. If I get to hold a baby kangaroo, I might just die.

  • 3

    Dock Dogs

    Dogs are amazing animals and if you include them in fun activities like seeing how far they can jump into water and you have me hooked. We sponsored this event last year and it's a great family fun event. You can even enter your own dog!

  • 4

    Eli Young Band

    Even though I am not the biggest country fan I do have a special spot for the Eli Young Band. They have fantastic music to listen and sing to and they put on a fantastic show.

  • 5

    The Food

    You can't go to the fair without enjoying some food that you will be regretting later. From funnel cakes to turkey legs to cotton candy they will have everything your inner kid will desire.

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