If one of the large ski resorts in Montana added this feature, you can bet money people would want to try it every day.

When people think of the tourist season, the thought immediately goes toward the summer season. There is nice weather, access to more activities, and more roads to access hard-to-reach places. Real Montanans know that the winter season is as busy as the summer.

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You can see why people flock to Montana during the winter season. There are fifteen ski resorts and ski areas that any skiers or snowboarders can check out during the winter. Whether you enjoy the big mountains with tons of runs or the smaller local mountains that are laid back, Montana has something for everyone.

What if a Montana ski area offered something that would be a hit with skiers or snowboarders that like to live dangerously? Well, check this out. WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE AT THE END

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a ski bungee jump, and it looks wild. You go down a jump, try some tricks and have the safety of not wiping out on the ground. This ski bungee jump is in operation at a ski resort in France.

Would this be a hit in Montana? Imagine heading up to Big Sky Resort or Whitefish Mountain Resort and seeing a feature like this available to use. Tourists and locals would both go wild to do this activity. This feature alone would bring more business to any ski area or resort.

Photo by Sebastian Staines via Unsplash
Photo by Sebastian Staines via Unsplash

As someone scared of going off jumps and possibly hurting myself, this activity would be a blast to enjoy and feel safe. Plus, the footage alone people could catch with GoPro or cell phone cameras would be wild to watch.

If you think about it, this ski bungee jump could be used in the summer as a bike bungee jump and have it in operation year-round. A bungee jump on an established mountain has potential.

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