It's that time of year again Bobcat Nation, it's time to "Can The Griz" and it kicks off Saturday (tomorrow) November the 6th.

This annual event, which raises hundreds of thousands of pounds of food for Montanans, is something that every Bobcat and Bozemanite can get behind. Not only does it result in food for those in need in our area, but it's the perfect way to kick off the Holiday Season AND stick it to the Griz.

I'll be honest with you, I'm not a fan of losing, and the fact that Missoula beat us last year in total poundage, well, that's unacceptable. By the way, the final tally was Them 671,707.90 of Food and Money and Us at 403,183.24 of Food and Money which is extremely impressive.

Here's the good news, Missoula has never beaten us two years in a row when it comes to "Can The Griz", so we all need to do our part to make sure that record stays intact. Let's all come together and make this a record-setting year for both communities, but more so for Bozeman.

Credit: Townsquare Media
Credit: Townsquare Media

So how can you get involved?  Great question.  There are a few different ways to help and make sure that we raise the most food possible AND beat the Griz. There will be several different drop-off locations around Bozeman, so as you do your shopping, keep that in mind.  You can also donate online if that's something that is easier for you to do. (they've added Venmo this year at @canthegriz)

Maybe you aren't in a position to donate food or money, but you have some extra time on your hands? Perfect! You can get signed up and be a volunteer. If you want more info on the event or how you can help, check out their website You can also follow them on Instagram @msucanthegriz or by searching for Can the Griz on Facebook

The campaign runs from November 6th until the end of the 1st Quarter of the Cat-Griz game on November, 20th.

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