It's been almost a decade since NBC's hit sitcom 'Friends' left the air, but fans still can't seem to get enough of both the gang and famous coffee shop set alike. Apparently 'Friends' fans are attempting to fill whatever void the show left behind -- as is NBC, apparently. But one man in Beijing might have done it...

Du Xin, a Beijing resident, has opened up an exact replica of Central Perk, the very coffee shop we saw Monica, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe and Ross sit at each and every week. Making him the Chinese Gunther (sans the creep factor, we hope) Du's cafe has become insanely popular, turning his self-admitted "religion" into a real-life business.

Now, thanks to Du, fans of the show have the opportunity to live out their favorite 'Friends' moments (he constantly has episodes playing) and even dine on some grub dedicated to the missed-by-many sitcom.

While the cafe is great for residents of Beijing, if you're a 'Friends' fanatic in the US it might be the most expensive cup of coffee you've ever purchased. Yes, more than Starbucks.