Hello, my name is Kevin Griggs and I will be writing a blog about once a week about Auto Tips and Tricks.  I have been the auto mechanic for Townsquare Media for awhile now, and am proud to say our mechanics have over 35 combined years of experience.  Feel free to contact me anytime with questions you may have!  The first subject we are going to talk about is TIRES.

Well in case you have been hiding in a cave lately, winter is finally here. And Once again I find myself in awe of, Montana in the Winter, and people not ready for winter. Coming to work this morning I was laughing at a person, I won't tell you male or female, who was trying to move with traffic from a stop light, and couldn't. Even a dummy knows winter will get here and they should be ready. Lets talk tires.

TIRES AREN'T CHEAP AND TIRES AREN'T PRETTY, but here in Mt you need GOOD ones. I have a customer here at the shop who believes all season radials are just fine. Hell, she got stuck in her own drive way. And in most cases she get's along ok. But if she catches the light at I-90 and Jackrabbitt heading towards 4 Corners, a lot of people behind her are pissed, she's can't climb that little grade from a stop. And you know what, There are a lot of you out there in the same boat.  I don't sell tires, so I'm not pushing tires, but,,,,,,, if you drive a car you need a good set of winter tires for the winter. Studded tires are the best, then syped. Keep the all seasons for the summer.
I fell the same way for all you truck owners too. I run a mud and snow tire year round. And it works ok. If I would have been born rich instead of so good looking, I would run studs in the winter and all seasons in the summer. But at $300.00 a tire for my truck, it aint happenin'.
Keep weight in your rig. Keep plenty of distance between you and the next guy. Put the phone away, and strap everybody in cause it's winter time in Montana, and you, or someone you know, may end up in the ditch.