A picture of a rare high-end corvette stuck in the snow in Montana has been making the rounds online. Here's what you need to know about it.


Sometimes you witness something that makes you think "What the heck is going on?" That was the case when I stumbled upon a picture of a new C8 Corvette stranded along a roadway somewhere in Montana.

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A picture of the car was shared on the Autos page on Reddit with the following caption.

C8 Vette still on dealer plates left on the side of the road due to massive snow.

In case you didn't know, C8 Corvettes start at around $65,000. It's definitely not the type of car you want during the winter in Montana. It's the type of car that you keep in your garage and drive when the weather is nice. We're not exactly sure what this person was thinking, but they probably didn't weigh the pros and cons before deciding to hit the road during a snowstorm. Low-profile tires and zero clearance aren't the best in Montana during the winter.


C8 Corvette Gets Stranded in Montana Snowstorm

The following picture was shared on Reddit in December. If you zoom in, you can clearly see a Denny Menholt dealer plate on the front of the car. Hopefully, it wasn't an employee that works for the company. The dealership has locations in Bozeman, Butte, and Billings.

Reddit.com Photo Credit: u/Bunnyhopper_pogo
Photo Credit: u/Bunnyhopper_pogo

The comments on Reddit were almost as hilarious as the picture above.

RBJ_09 said;

Governor Dutton looks on in digust.

gusfrong said;

The stench of stupid owner is strong in this pic. tell me more!

We're not exactly sure where the picture was taken, but the dealer plates indicate that it's somewhere in Montana.

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