Winters in Montana can be pretty rough, but for most people that live here, long winters are just a way of life. After a slow start, much of the state has been blanketed with a fresh layer of snow.

If you've moved to Montana recently, all of the snow may be a bit overwhelming. If you're not used to driving in it, the experience can be terrifying. Folks that are native to Montana are used to the nasty winters and treacherous driving conditions.

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I consider myself to be a fairly skilled driver, but still have times when I have a white knuckle grip on the steering wheel during the winter. Honestly, I'm more concerned about other drivers than I am myself.

One word of advice, prepare for the long haul.

That's the most important thing. Winters in Montana are really long, and you need to make sure that you're prepared to deal with it. We decided to cover the basics, and put together a list of five things every Montanan should know during the winter. Once again, these are just the basics, but they'll definitely help your winter experience in Montana a more pleasant one.

Six Winter Things Every Montanan Should Know

If you live in Montana, you need to be prepared to survive during the winter. Here's six things every Montanan should know.

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How To Safely Drive During The Winter In Montana

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