A TikTok video of a Domino's employee has gone viral after the employee freaked out about not receiving a tip on a delivery run. The video contains language that is not safe for work, but you can watch it here if you'd like to.

After watching the video, I can understand the frustration. Long before my days in radio, I actually worked as a pizza delivery driver. After graduating high school in Boise, Idaho, I moved to Bozeman in the early 2000s. I got a job at Papa John's on N. 7th Avenue.

Delivery drivers in the Bozeman area are definitely underappreciated. I remember dreading making deliveries to the dorms at MSU because I knew I wasn't going to get tipped. After all, most college kids are pretty broke. Occasionally, I'd deliver to a house party, and they'd offer me a beer.

As a result of my personal experience, I always tip delivery drivers. I know how it feels to get stiffed after making a delivery.

During the winter, delivery drivers have it pretty rough in Bozeman. Regardless of the weather, they still hit the road to deliver food to residents in the area. When most Montanans choose to stay in due to nasty weather, many of them rely on delivery drivers to feed their families.

If you want to show your appreciation for delivery drivers, the best way to do so is by tipping them. I've heard a lot of stories about people not tipping those working in the service industry in the Bozeman area. I think we need to change that.

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