Who wouldn't a nice change of pace from time to time? Plus, I am a sucker for this type of food, it's delicious. 

Open Range is known in Downtown Bozeman as one of the best steak houses in all of the Gallatin Valley. We know Open Range has a great range of entrees, drinks, and more to choose from on a nightly basis for a lovely night out. I was walking by Open Range the other day, and apparently, Open Range is changing things up on Sundays. 

Open Range will play host to a new pop-up restaurant called Pho Saigon and exclusively serve dinner from 5 to 9 PM. Pho Saigon will be taking up residence at Open Range every Sunday, and January 30th will be their third event to try out their food. 

Townsquare Media Bozeman
Townsquare Media Bozeman

One of the best aspects about a pop-up restaurant like Pho Saigon is that this is a first-come, first-serve basis. So you can't make reservations ahead of time, and their menu changes weekly, so you get to try new dishes constantly. Plus, if you have never had Vietnamese food before, you will love it. 

A pop-up restaurant was a genius move for Open Range in my opinion. Sunday nights in Downtown Bozeman are typically a slow night, but by adding a pop-up restaurant you can only check out every Sunday and has a special, new menu, you can't help but want to try it out. 

So if you are looking for something different to try out and have a delicious meal, check out Pho Saigon every Sunday at Open Range. 

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