People are always on socials asking if anyone knows of a place that they can have a party at. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, work get together, or any social event really, there is a new option coming to Bozeman.

The location is one many of you are already familiar with.

Located off of N 7th Ave, this historic location is getting a new use, which is super exciting.

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The Midtown Event Space is proud to announce its grand opening in the heart of Bozeman bringing a new and versatile venue to the community. Formerly known as the Midtown Tavern, this iconic location has been transformed into a premier versatile event space available for a wide range of occasions.- Midtown Event Space

The Midtown Event Space was created as a space to allow people to have some fun. (Even if it is for one of those "lame" work parties). Midtown gives your boss the opportunity to make the next work party super fun with limitless options.


You have the opportunity to check out the well thought out space at the upcoming open house. Midtown Event Space invites the public to join the open house celebration on June 6th 6-8pm where you can tour the venue, meet the team, and envision the potential for your own events. The grand opening will feature live music, catering samples, and interactive demonstrations of the space's capabilities.

If you have been searching for the perfect spot to host your next get together, and Midtown Event Space sounds like the perfect fit you can email them at or call them at 406.595.1375.

cc: Midtown Event Space

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