Montana’s Accent Chosen As One Of The Most Desirable

Most people in Montana assume we don't have an accent, but if you go down south or up into the north east part of America they'll tell you that we do indeed have an accent.

While our accent might be subtle, it's apparently very desirable and attractive.

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Do Montanans Really Have An Accent?

I don't know how scientific this data truly is, and I have to apologize to the author because I have no idea who they are or why they compiled it either.

It's a google sheets spreadsheet that highlights all the different regions and accents in America.

Whoever they are, they believe Montana and those living in the western part of America have the sexiest accents.

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What Makes Our Accent So Attractive?

When it comes the most attractive accents Montana comes in at #2 just behind a southern accent.

They describe our accent as "calming, steady, clear," and our "calm steady life," is why people like it so much.

As for their celebrity examples they say Sam Elliot, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Costner all exhibit our accent.

If you think we don't have an accent perhaps the following words and phrases will change your mind.

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Gallery Credit: Ashley Warren

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