Over 2 billion people are active users on Facebook around the world.  I just downloaded the personal information Facebook has on me and its extensive. (See Instructions for doing this at the end of this blog.)

All my messages are there, apps I use, downloads, pictures, friends, groups, etc. When you sit back and imagine that I’m just one person it makes you sweat a little bit as to the amount of info that’s there.

But I did find a sizeable amount of info that’s inaccurate mixed in with the pages and pages of stuff. Horseback riding is not one of my hobbies.

Mark – Let’s Talk

Mark Zuckerberg, (above) the CEO of Facebook, is in big demand these days. Congress wants to talk to him, Great Britain wants a few minutes, Germany and others want to know what Mark is doing with all this personal info he controls on each of us.

And, why he shouldn’t be fined billions for the misuse of the public trust.

Nix Was Nixed

Alexander Nix was the head honcho of a British firm called Cambridge Analytica up until last week when it came to light that CA and Facebook played a pivotal role in our 2012 and 2016 elections. Nix was then Nixed.

In 2012 President Obama asked people to donate to his campaign on Facebook but donors didn’t realize that when they gave a donation on Facebook not only was their information captured but all their friends too.

Trump also worked with CA to “data mine” information for his campaign as well. So did presidential hopeful Ted Cruz (R) Texas. CA captured info from FB users who entered quizzes and sold that info to political campaigns.

When Facebook found out and told them to stop and delete the information — they didn’t.

I don’t think I’m telling you anything you don’t know when I say — personal privacy is a thing of the past.

Facebook Stock Going Down

My wife is freaking. She has Facebook stock. It’s gone from $190.00 per share down to $159.00 as of this writing.

Mark Zuckerberg is down about $2 billion or so but still has a net worth in the $60 billion range.

He was the fifth richest man in the world, but that rank might be in danger of falling.

Some Final Thoughts

Zuckerberg has some real challenges ahead. His credibility is being damaged more and more by the day.

He needs to put on a stellar performance before a congressional committee to apply the brakes to this downward slide.

His efforts to put some flunky in his place to take the heat will not work. The US, Great Britain, and Germany want answers about the use of their citizen's personal information from Zuckerberg — in person.

Apologies won’t cut it. Will this be the beginning of social media regulation? And if so, how far will it go? How much information is too much.

Comments below.

(How to download your personal data from Facebook. Click on the small triangle on the top right side of your Facebook home page. Scroll down to Settings. At the bottom of the box you will see “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” Click on that and you’ll get instructions from there. You may need your Facebook Password along the way for security. Afterwards you’ll get an email on how to download your personal information to a folder on your desktop.)

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