An ice jam caused a portion of Cameron Bridge Road west of Belgrade to be closed between Linney Road and Highline Road. NOW REOPENED.

NOTE: If you ever see or encounter an ice jam, rapidly rising water levels or any flooding on roadways...PLEASE report it to authorities. Especially in rural areas. The best defense is knowing where ice jams are occurring and that information often comes from citizen spotters.

  • WHAT: A Flood Advisory has been issued for northwest Gallatin County.
  • DETAILS: According to the Gallatin County Sherriff's office, there is an ice jam on Yellow Dog Creek.
  • Cameron Bridge Road was closed between Linney Road and Highline Road, west of Belgrade, due to water over the roadway.
  • WHEN: This Flood Advisory is in effect until noon on Wednesday, February 17th, 2021.
  • NOTE: This is an active flooding event. Often time with Flood Advisories, there is a good chance of flooding to occur.... it's not necessarily happening at the moment.
  • If you ever encounter flood waters on a roadway that is not yet blocked off, "Turn Around, Don't Drown". Flood waters can rise rapidly and can cause your vehicle to become stuck...or worse. Always use caution and find an alternate route, and report the flooding to the authorities.
  • Rapid and drastic fluctuations in temperatures increase the likelihood of Flood Advisories and ice jams.

According to NOAA: "Ice jams are caused by melting snow and ice in the springtime. Warm temperatures and spring rains cause snow and ice to melt very rapidly. All this extra water causes frozen rivers and streams to swell up, and the layer of ice on top of the river begins to break up."

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