Many rivers in southwest Montana are at dangerously high levels and are close to reaching flood stage.

Photo by Jennifer Uppendahl on Unsplash
Photo by Jennifer Uppendahl on Unsplash

The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for the Gallatin River near Logan from late Sunday night through early Thursday afternoon.

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As of Friday morning, water levels in the Gallatin River reached 7.8 feet. The flood stage is 9 feet. When water levels reach 8.8 feet, water might be on small bridges and around railroad bridge footing.

According to a press release sent out Friday morning, the next week's combination of moderate to heavy rainfall and snowmelt will cause water levels to rise on the Gallatin River. Residents are asked to stay away from raging rivers in the area. The cold and rapidly flowing water could pose a life-threatening danger to those in and near the river.

Photo by Lukas Hron on Unsplash
Photo by Lukas Hron on Unsplash

Residents living in the flood watch area are advised to remain alert and keep an eye out for possible flooding. If you live near the Gallatin River or plan on being near the river, you should monitor rising water levels and be prepared for possible flood warnings. Since there is still quite a bit of snow at higher elevations, it will most likely be a while before water levels begin to recede.

Photo by Wade Austin Ellis on Unsplash
Photo by Wade Austin Ellis on Unsplash

There are a few things that you need to avoid during a flood, according to the National Weather Service:

  1. Don't drive through flood waters
  2. Don't use electricity in a flooded home
  3. Don't get in the flood water
  4. Don't handle wild animals in the flood water
  5. Don't ignore flood warnings
  6. Don't forget to put together a flood safety kit

To learn more about flood safety, click here.

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