So I went to California for 10 days and in those 10 days it made me appreciate where I live every day. Seriously, it was crazy but also sometimes amazing. So I decided to talk about the four biggest differences between California (mostly Southern California) and Montana.

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    First off, to say there are a buttload more people in California to Montana would be an understatement. That is the case, though. Also, there were many individuals there that just weren't friendly. Every time I hear someone outside of the state talk about Montana, they always say how friendly everyone is. Maybe it's because we aren't all crammed together like California. Who doesn't enjoy big open beautiful sky and no traffic?  Advantage: Montana

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    This is tough to talk about. Montana has Yellowstone, forests, lakes, mountains, and many other gorgeous attributes. California is just usually big cities, but it does have amazing beaches and the ocean. They are hard to compare. I enjoy both to different extents. Advantage: Tie

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    Montana traffic:mostly due to wildlife being in the way. Los Angeles Traffic:the most frightening experience I will ever be in. I don't think they believe in blinkers or being courteous. Also, how it takes one hour to go a 10-mile distance I will never know. Advantage:Montana

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    Miscellaneous: Entertainment, Sports, ETC.

    Ok, California has a clear advantage here. Montana has camping and some other great qualities. The only problem is that California has major sports teams, celebrities literally everywhere, Uber/Lyft (honestly one of the best apps ever), In-N-Out and fresh seafood. You can't really compete. Advantage:California

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