We often take our first responders for granted, and more often than not, they don't get the credit they deserve. First responders not only put their own lives on the line to keep us safe, they also save a lot of lives.

The incident below was shared on the Gallatin County 911 Facebook page, and emphasizes the important work done by first responders in Gallatin County.

On October 5th, Gallatin County 911 Supervisor Andrew Cochran processed a call for a male that was unresponsive. Cochran remained on the phone with the caller, gave instructions on how to do CPR, and coached them through the process until Bozeman Fire and American Medical Response arrived.

The man was taken to the hospital, where it was later determined that the unresponsive man was the father of Gallatin County Detective Sergeant Matt Boxmeyer.

Doctors at the hospital told Sgt. Boxmeyer that his father would not have survived the incident if not for the quick and accurate handling of the situation by Gallatin County 911 Supervisor, Andrew Cochran.


In a supervisor meeting earlier this month, Sergeant Boxmeyer thanked Cochran for his life saving work, and presented him with a Life Saver Pin.

Through Supervisor Cochran's ability to quickly assess the situation through protocols and initiating CPR, Cochran was able to successfully give EMS personnel the ability to take over and get the patient to the hospital with a chance to save his life. An outcome like this is especially special because the patient was the father of one of our own responders. Through Cochran's actions he was able to successfully save a life, exhibit values that we hold high and directly impact the life of one of our own.

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