The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating a fatal shooting that occurred in Belgrade, Montana on Tuesday, October 31. The GCSO sent out a press release with details regarding the shooting on Wednesday.

Gallatin County Sheriff's Office

The incident is still under investigation and more details are expected to be released when available. Here is the press release from the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office.

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Details About Fatal Shooting in Belgrade

On Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2023, the Gallatin County Coroner’s Office investigated a death occurring in the Lexley Acres mobile home park located in Belgrade. The decedent was identified as 76-year-old George Keyser Sobrepena of Belgrade. Following an autopsy, it was determined Mr. Sobrepena died of multiple gunshot wounds.

A woman has been arrested and has been charged with Tampering with or Fabricating Physical evidence and Deliberate Homicide. Heather Ann Harrington, 42 made an appearance in Gallatin County Justice Court on Wednesday and is currently being held on no bond at the Gallatin County Detention Center.

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Court Documents Reveal More Details About the Fatal Shooting

A man working at a construction site called 911 at approximately 1:17 p.m. on Tuesday to report an unknown woman who had approached him and asked him to follow her. The man sent two of his coworkers with the woman who followed her back to her residence.

When the two men arrived at the residence and stepped inside, they found a person on the floor bleeding and did not know if the person was conscious or breathing. The initial location of the incident was reported as being behind the Goodwill in Belgrade. When officers arrived on the scene, they were directed toward a residence located in the Lexley Acres mobile home park.

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When emergency crews arrived at the residence, Harrington told them that there was no one bleeding and that everything was alright. When law enforcement advised that they needed to enter the residence to ensure that everything was alright, Harrington agreed to come outside, but wouldn't let officers inside of the residence. Harrington eventually claimed that there was an intruder and gave law enforcement permission to enter the residence. When officers entered the residence, they found a single deceased male with apparent gunshot wounds.

GCSO detectives arrived on scene and noted a deceased male in the kitchen of the residence with a pool of blood underneath him. The male appeared to have multiple gunshot wounds. There were also defects in the flooring around the male consistent with bullet strikes. Detectives processing the scene later found a total of four fired casings and two fired bullets in a mix of 9mm calibers. The pools of blood had already started to dry around the edges indicating a passage of time since the victim had been shot. Detectives also located a handgun in the living room of the residence. The caliber of the handgun matched the fired bullet casings located within the residence.

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The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office's detective division is actively investigating, and more information will be provided when available.

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