Wendy's locations in both Bozeman and Belgrade will begin serving breakfast this month.

Wendy's will add an all new breakfast menu that includes the Breakfast Baconator®, featuring a savory sausage patty and freshly-cracked egg, six strips of applewood smoked bacon, and a delicious Swiss cheese sauce.

That's right! Wendy's will use fresh-cracked eggs on all of their new breakfast sandwiches. You can also try the all new Frosty®-ccino. A delicious mixture of cold-brew coffee and Frosty® mix. The Frosty®-ccino will be available in vanilla and chocolate.

Wendy's locations in Bozeman will add the new breakfast menu on Friday, February 21. The Belgrade location is set to start serving breakfast on Monday, February 24.

Check out the new Wendy's breakfast menu here.

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