The price of a barrel of oil has nosedived, hopefully translating into much lower prices at the pump soon. Bozeman is definitely not the least expensive city to fill up, even at "bargain" prices.

Oil has been hovering in the $30s and $20s per barrel for various global reasons and it generally takes some time for truly lower prices being reflected at the pump.

With that said, according to today: "Pump prices sit below $2 per gallon in more than a dozen states, and analysts expect gas prices to continue to fall."

  • Billings: $1.99 at Conoco (as low as $1.95 at Costco for members)
  • Haugan: $2.04 at Exxon
  • Missoula: $2.09 at Costco for members
  • Culbertson: $2.09 at Oelkers Servicenter
  • Great Falls: $2.17 at Walmart
  • Libby: $2.18 at Conoco
  • Great Falls: $2.18 at Sinclair
  • Belgrade: $2.25 at FlyingJ
  • Bozeman: $2.24 at Safeway and several other locations (as low as $2.15 at Costco for members)
Gas Pump
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