Here are a few reasons why.Listen, figuring out Christmas gifts for family or friends is difficult enough. A couple weeks ago my sister asked me what I wanted and I had no idea. I started to think and I couldn't come up with anything I really wanted. Then I realized that I would probably appreciate a gift card to the movie theaters, Amazon, Revolvr, or any restaurant I frequent more. Some people have problems giving gift cards for Christmas. So I thought I would give a few reasons why gift cards are better sometimes than real gifts.

1. The person gets what they really want.

A couple years ago my sister had no idea what to get me for Christmas and she simply called me and asked me what my favorite store was in Bozeman. I told her Revolver Menswear. They have fantastic clothes and had a couple shirts I wanted. So instead of trying to find the shirt online, she just went ahead and bought me a gift card to Revolvr, because I knew what I wanted and I would use the gift card wisely. That's the great thing about gift cards to retail stores, the person with the gift card can use the money on the card wisely and how they want.

2. Gift cards typically have set amounts so you can buy multiple ones.

Most gift cards have set amounts like $15, $20 or $25. Which is great because if you have a set amount you want to spend on someone you can buy multiple gift cards of one store or buy a different couple to cover all your bases.

3. People appreciate gift cards just as much as real gifts.

I am one of these people. Honestly, I don't mind getting a new shirt or pants or some cool item. In all truth, though, gift cards can help ease the strain of using personal money to buy food, clothes or even helping pay my way at places I like to go (movie theater). These go a long way.

What do you think? Do you appreciate gift cards as much as I do? Let me know.