Big skies, big mountains, and big givers. Those three things define just part of what Montana is all about.

During this years annual "Give Big" online fundraiser, a goal of 3 million dollars was set and, like Montanan's always do, they came through big time and flew past that goal.

Give Big is the largest one day fundraiser in the state, and the numbers don't lie.


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This year the goal of making 3 million dollars was set, and was set with confidence. Last year they were just short of 3 million dollars, bringing in 2.92 million dollars for non-profits of all different sorts.

This year Give Big raised 3,062,827 million dollars! That is because 5,867 donors heard the call for action and came through, big time. The money raised went to help over 265 different organizations. Organizations that rely on donations to continue to serve the Gallatin Valley.


Who where the top three organization leaders?

  1. Gallatin Valley Land Trust ($70,049(goal $50,000), 483 donors, 488 gifts)
  2. Bridgercare ($89,602(goal $120,000), 354 donors, 358 gifts)
  3. HRDC ($87,569 (goal $100,000), 343 donors, 345 gifts)

Who where the top three small non-profit leaders?

  1. Belgrade Community Coalition ($10,000 (goal $15,000), 129 donors, 152 gifts
  2. Pride House ($12,270 (goal $9000), 117 donors, 117 gifts
  3. Friends Of Hyalite ($10,796 (goal $10,500), 113 donors, 113 gifts

If you are looking for a way to give back to our community, consider "giving big" to any of these loved organizations. We have big shoes to fill for next years Give Big fundraiser, but there is no doubt we will fly past whatever goal is determined for 2025.

cc: Give Big, Non-profits in Montana

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