There's no denying that Montana is rapidly changing; unfortunately, much of the change isn't for the better. Iconic Montana landmarks are disappearing in the blink of an eye, and being sold off to the highest bidder. Many places that locals love are gone forever. Now, a popular Chinese restaurant in a small Montana town is closing.

Small Town Montana Asian Restaurant Closing Permanently

A user on the This is REALLY Livingston Facebook page posted the following message on Thursday.


Chinese Food

The Wok has been a staple in Livingston for decades, and locals aren't happy about the announcement that the restaurant will soon close. It's located in the heart of Livingston at 102 N. 2nd Street. Sadly, The Wok will close at the end of the month.

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Why is The Wok Closing in Livingston, Montana?

According to a note posted on the restaurant's front window, the building where The Wok is located is under new ownership, and the new owner has decided not to renew the lease for The Wok.

The Wok - Livingston

A heartfelt message was also shared with customers.

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You Livingston, for the best 30 years of love and support!!!

The owners of The Wok are searching for a new location, so if you have any leads, please call Herman at (406)-579-1208. Hopefully, they are able to find a new location and can continue serving Livingston residents and visitors passing through in route to Yellowstone National Park. You have until the end of May to visit The Wok before it closes.

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