Listen, Hastings is going through its going out of business sale as we speak, and you might be wondering where can you go to get music or to rent a great movie. Well, I am here to help you out and give you a chance to check out these two great stores that can help fill that huge Hastings hole in your heart.

1.Renting Movies: Go to Movie Lovers

Listen, I know you can rent movies from Red Box but they don't always have the whole collection of new releases and plus Movie Lovers has been in Bozeman for quite awhile and has a great selection. If you check out their website, their prices are virtually the same as Hastings but they also have tons of great deals you can take advantage of. It's free to sign up for a membership and it's in the same parking lot as Albertson's grocery store. Go check them out.

2.Music: Cactus Records Duh!

Hastings was known as the place where you could buy CDs or vinyl records, but the thing is, you can do that at Cactus Records in Downtown Bozeman. The great thing is they have an awesome selection and if you don't see what you are looking for, most of the time they can special order it for you. I have done this quite a few times and their vinyl selection is unmatched.

I know it's a bummer that Hastings has to close, but this means you can go check out these stores you might not have had to the chance to before. Plus, all of the people who work at both of these fantastic stores are kind and make you want to come back and visit again. Go out and explore Bozeman!