On a recent drive through downtown Bozeman I noticed a lot of vandalism and graffiti. While it's a common sight on passing trains, there has been an increase in local businesses being targeted.

Some people view graffiti as a form of art, while others view it as vandalism. Bozeman is a beautiful place, and it's important that we all do our part to keep it that way. Most of the time, graffiti is an eyesore, especially when buildings in the heart of Bozeman are being spray-painted.

I'll admit, some of the artwork and graffiti found on trains rolling through town is actually pretty impressive. When people start spraying idiotic messages like "Cops need to chill" on buildings in downtown Bozeman, something definitely needs to be done about it.

Many "taggers" wait until after dark to vandalize buildings in an attempt to avoid being caught. When a building is vandalized, local business owners are left will the bill to clean it up.

With Bozeman's recent growth, there's been a huge increase in graffiti within city limits. Personally, I think most of the graffiti that's on display in Bozeman is ugly and trashy.

Vandalism and graffiti isn't a new problem in Bozeman, in fact, it's been a problem for quite a while. Defacing public property in Bozeman is illegal, and those caught in the act could face serious consequences and fines.

The increase in graffiti is something that definitely needs to be addressed in order to prevent the problem from getting even bigger.

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