Montana may be a beautiful state, but there's a certain ugliness lurking beneath the surface. Recent bomb threats in Bozeman targeted businesses that support the LGBTQ+ community, and the presence of hate groups is on the rise across Montana.

The recent bomb threats in Bozeman are an example of how hate groups are having an impact on residents in the state. The threats were received via email and originated in South Africa. The threats were reportedly linked to upcoming Pride events.

Montana - No Place For Hate

Hateful Message on Display Near Downtown Bozeman

Earlier today, I came across a post on the Real Ask Bozeman page on Facebook. It was a picture of a symbol that was written on a trash can near the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture at the corner of W. Babcock and S. Grand. The symbol is a known acronym used by white supremacists, according to the Anti-Defamation League. I decided to take a walk and see it for myself.

Hate Symbol - Bozeman
Townsquare Media

Since I'm not a hate group member, I had to google the meaning of "WPWW." We learned that the acronym stands for "White Power Worldwide." To see it on display in Bozeman is disappointing, to say the least.

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Hate has no place in Montana. Everyone who lives here deserves to be treated equally and with respect, regardless of the color of their skin or their sexual preference. Sadly, there are still incredibly simple-minded people who live in the state that continue to make Montana look bad on the national stage.

Come on Montana, we're better than this.

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