Grease: Live! didn't just showcase the talent of its excellent cast: It proved the networks are getting better at this whole "live musical" thing with every production, and just about everybody watching noticed (see above). The January 31 show wisely recruited Broadway heavyweight Tommy Kail, who helmed the 2015 hit musical Hamilton, to share directing duties with Dancing With the Stars' Alex Rudzinski.

Fox's show was largely seamless, save for a few inevitable blips — no small feat considering the sprawling collection of sets which, as E! reports and Troian Bellisario pointed out, you might have recognized from faves including Pretty Little Liars and Gilmore Girls.

The musical enjoyed a healthy audience for their efforts, with early ratings numbers earning them top spot among Sunday night broadcast, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Its 12.2 million live viewers is nowhere near the 18.3 live viewers NBC's The Sound of Music Live nabbed in 2013, but viewer interest in the novelty of a live musical is tough to sustain, particularly given the mixed reviews of NBC's Peter Pan followup.

And of the millions who did watch? Raves across social media suggest they by-and-large loved it, as we did, and many of the cast's colleagues in entertainment shared their praise. Pitch Perfect star/Twitter genius Anna Kendrick live-tweeted the show, letting her musical-theater-nerd freak flag fly and sharing important thoughts like "Finger crossed Danny's shorts get smaller with every cut away."

Ashley Tisdale French showed her support for High School Musical costar Vanessa Hudgens, who likely won new fans last night for her spot-on portrayal of Rizzo amid news that Hudgens' father had just passed away.

Check out more ecstatic, hilarious and often-relatable reactions from famous Grease: Live! fans, including an "emotional" Instagram post from star Julianne Hough's brother Derek.

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