Montana is one of a kind. We are fortunate to live in a state with so much open space. Essentially, Montana is perfect for social distancing.

If you need to get outside for a breath of fresh air, here are a few great day trips to explore some of what southwest Montana has to offer.

  • Gallatin River
    Gallatin River

    Gallatin River Canyon Loop

    The Gallatin River Canyon provides some of the most pristine scenery Montana has to offer. If leaving from Bozeman:

    • Head south of Hwy 191 through the Gallatin River Canyon.
    • Drive through the canyon until you reach the Hwy 287 Junction. Take a right towards Quake Lake and Ennis, MT.
    • Stay on Hwy 287 until you reach the Hwy 84 junction at Norris, MT. Take right at Norris.
    • Take Hwy 84 to Four Corners, and continue straight to Bozeman.

    The loop takes approximately 3-4 hours, but guarantees some incredible sights!

  • Crazy Mountains
    Crazy Mountains

    Crazy Mountain Loop

    If you want to head east, the Crazy Mountain Loop is a great option.

    If leaving from Bozeman:

    • Head north on Hwy 86/Bridger Canyon
    • Take right at Hwy 89 junction near towards Wilsall
    • Drive south on Hwy 89 through Clyde Park until you reach the I-90 junction
    • Head west on I-90 towards Bozeman

    The drive takes approximately 2 hours.


    Virginia City Loop

    If you've never been to Virginia City, it makes for a great drive with the family.

    If leaving from Bozeman:

    • Head west on I-90 towards Whitehall/Hwy 55
    • Head south towards Twin Bridges, MT
    • Take left at Hwy 287 junction towards Sheridan and Virginia City, MT
    • Follow Hwy 287 to Ennis, MT
    • Head north on Hwy 287 towards Norris, MT/Hwy 84
    • Take right at Norris/Hwy 84
    • Continue straight 36 miles until you reach Bozeman

    The trip takes approximately 3-4 hours.

  • Jesse Ropelato
    Jesse Ropelato

    The Elkhorn Mountain Loop

    The Elkhorn Mountain Range is a beautiful mountain range just west of Bozeman.

    If leaving from Bozeman:

    • Head west on I-90 to Three Forks, MT
    • Take exit 274 and head north on Hwy 287
    • Follow Hwy 287 through Townsend, MT towards Helena, MT
    • At I-15 junction, take a left and head south towards Jefferson City, MT
    • Continue through Jefferson City, MT towards Boulder, MT. Take exit 164/Hwy 69 towards Boulder, MT and Cardwell, MT
    • Once you reach Carwell, MT, head east on I-90 towards Bozeman

    The trip takes approximately 3-4 hours.



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