Driving during the winter can be an absolute nightmare; snow and ice-covered roads can cause significant problems for travelers.

Winter Roads
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If you're new to Montana, you'll soon realize that winter travel is no joke. An abundance of snow, high winds, and subzero temperatures prove that Montana winters aren't for the faint of heart. If you've ever been stuck in a white-out blizzard in Montana, it's probably something that you never want to experience again.

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I travel to Idaho during the holidays to spend time with my family, and I've seen my fair share of terrible road conditions. On occasion, winter weather can result in highway closures around the state. I always make sure to check road reports before I hit the road, both to find the safest route and to make sure there are no road closures.

Montana receives a lot of snow during the winter, and some roads get more attention than others in terms of snow removal. Always give yourself extra time to reach your destination.

Cars driving on a highway covered with snow during a snowstorm in winter

Interstate 90 is the most-traveled road in Montana, and there are a few mountain passes that you'll encounter as you make your way through the state. Lookout Pass is the furthest west and is located along the Idaho/Montana border. Homestake Pass is just east of Butte, and Bozeman Pass is located between Bozeman and Livingston.

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