A Great Falls woman was smart enough to take her child to the Benefis Hospital after the 9 month old began acting strangely, but only after she allowed him to indgest methamphetamine.

The Great Falls Tribune reported the woman, 26 year old Brandi Rae Bargas, pleaded guilty on Wednesday in District Court to endangering the welfare of her 9 month old son.

On April 6, 2012 her child began doing strange things like moving in circles around his head while lying down. Bargas found the activity so strange that she recorded it on her cell phone and contacted relatives for advice.

After being advised by one relative to take her son to the hospital, lab results indicated that the baby had the highest level of meth in his system they had ever seen in a child who survived.

But how did it happen?

According to KXLF, Bargas claims her son spilled his drink on the floor and began licking his hands. Residue of the drug was on the floor from when she last used 40 days prior.

After being treated, the baby recovered and was released to the custody of his grandmother.

Scary stuff that only residue can do this to a child. Please be sure to properly clean any house you move into if you have small children or even pets. We hope the child does not suffer any long term damage from the experience.

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