Several longtime Montanans have decided to pack their bags and head for greener pastures due to the state's high cost of living.

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We hear about people moving to Montana all of the time, but we don't hear a lot about the number of people that have decided to move out of the state. The real estate market in Montana has been booming in the last few years, and many people living in the state appear to have had enough.

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If you've done much traveling, you've most likely realized just how special Montana is. You can literally look in any direction and be surrounded by beautiful scenery, but that isn't the case for most other states.

What Do People Miss the Most When They Leave Montana?

Personally, it's hard to think about ever leaving Montana. Even when times get tough, I look at my surroundings and it's a reminder of how blessed I am to call Montana home. A few years ago, I drove from Bozeman to Kansas City, Missouri with my parents. If case you don't know, that's a very boring drive. The one thing that I missed the most was the lack of mountains. I've always lived near mountains, and I can't imagine my life without them.

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It turns out that I'm not alone when it comes to missing the mountains. For many former Montana residents that have decided to move out of state, the mountains are the thing that they miss the most.

Here's what one person had to say about leaving Montana

If you ever decided to move out of Montana, what would you miss the most? Send us an app chat on our station app and let us know!

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