Need a little help getting into the holiday spirit this year? We've got you covered. During the holiday season, several small towns across Montana host magical holiday celebrations to spread the joy of the season.

Christmas Lights
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From Christmas strolls to holiday markets, your options are endless in Montana. You don't have to go far to find a town celebrating near you. Holiday celebrations are a big deal in the state, and it's something that most residents don't take lightly.

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There may not be much snow in Montana this year, and in many places, the chances of a white Christmas are slim. That hasn't stopped towns throughout the state from hosting their annual festive celebrations. In one town in particular, residents have taken celebrating the season to a new level. Before we tell you about one of the most magical holiday celebrations in Montana, here are the top 5 Christmas towns to visit.

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Small Montana Town Hosts Huge Holiday Celebration

In Belgrade, Montana, there's a magical holiday celebration unlike anything else you've seen. It started in 2020 and has grown in popularity every year since. The Christmas Truck Convoy has quickly become one of the state's most highly anticipated holiday events. Each year, heavy equipment including dump trucks, tractors, and garbage trucks are decorated in thousands of bright Christmas lights, and residents and visitors line the streets to witness the spectacular lights as the convoy makes its way through town.

Belgrade Christmas Convoy
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If you weren't able to witness the magic in person, the Montana Drone Company just shared some incredible drone footage that you need to see. It's as close as you'll get to being there in person. Check out the video below.

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