With the unforgiving cold of the winter months nearly upon us, we may be feeling the impulse to settle down and get cozy with someone who makes us feel warm on the inside. Here to cut through the nesting instinct in our rapidly shortening days is the trailer for How to Be Single, a raunchy new rom-com vehicle for besties Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson. As the title might suggest, the film follows the two women as they navigate the treacherous dating scene of New York. Will the city almost be like a character in the film? We’ll have to see to find out for sure, but what’s immediately certain is that this will be a decidedly more low-key affair than the last romantic film Dakota Johnson starred in.

Johnson and Wilson are fast friends, the former having just come out of a long-term relationship and the latter having long since mastered the terrain of the singles world. She agrees to take Johnson under her wing and teach her how to use her sexual edge to extract drinks from guys at bars, appropriate emoji usage (never), and how to finely gauge the number of drinks it takes before you’re down to clown. Alison Brie is here to pop her shirt open and give YouTube a thumbnail image sure to draw some eyeballs, Leslie Mann’s worried that Jake Lacy is only targeting her for cougar-fetish reasons, and Jason Mantzoukas and Anders Holm step in to play love interests for whoever needs them.

There’s no shortage of hijinks, though some of them are a little difficult to swallow. Are we truly expected to believe that someone who looks like Dakota Johnson hasn’t had adequate life experience to conduct a human conversation with a group of fellow human beings?

How to Be Single opens in theaters on February 12, 2016.

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