Are you planning on running for a great cause this Thanksgiving in the Huffing for Stuffing Thanksgiving Day Run in Bozeman on November 28, 2013? In 2012 the race raised $45,500 for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank! If you are planning on joining this great run and cause, here are some tips to help you get ready for the 5K run or even the 10K run! 

Join the HFS Training Group 

The official training program for the Huffing for Stuffing run is free and sponsored by Schnee's. The group does weekly runs in Bozeman that begin each Saturday at 8 a.m. at the Schnee's downtown location. The group has experienced running coaches to guide you as well as individual training programs. Call 406-587-0981 for more information.

Start training early

10 weeks would be ideal in case you get sick or obligations get in the way. The better prepared you are the more you will enjoy the race.

Find Your Pace

Using's training pace calculator, you can calculate a good training pace for your runs leading up to Huffing for Stuffing. With a goal for finishing the 5K in 20 minutes, the calculator recommends running 8:16 - 9:21 minute miles for training. If you want to run slower or faster, enter in your goals here. And for comparison sake, see the 2012 Huffing for Stuffing results here.

Allow Your Body to Recover

Your muscles need time to recover. Be sure to space out your runs 30 to 60 hours so that your legs and body can be ready for the next run.

Don't Give Up

As you are training, go on as many easy and long runs as you can in the training window you give yourself.

Don't Get Bored While Running

Pacing yourself is what helps you to run long distances, but it can be a bit boring for some people. Counter your boredom and even be productive by listening to new music, listen to a thought provoking podcast like This American Life, or download an audio book of a movie about to come out like Ender's Game! But of course, the ultimate way to ward off boredom would be to listen to this radio station!

Get Your Hydration and Nutrients

Experts on say that it is essential to focus on hydrating and nutrition in the days before the race. During the race, use water to help you stay comfortable while running and drink to to avoid cottonmouth. Here is a great meal plan for anyone training for a long race.

Dress Warm But Stay Light 

We all know how cold it can get in Bozeman in November so be sure to dress warm with gloves, hats, warm socks and maybe even some hand warmers. Costumes are always welcome in the Huffing for Stuffing races!

See you on November 28th, 2013 at the annual Huffing for Stuffing Thanksgiving Day Run!