Often times it’s hard to think of goofballs like Joel McHale as studly men, but just remember the old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” As McHale can attest to, you can find some of the best pecs and abs of steel underneath a funny-guy persona.

Hopefully PEOPLE magazine figures this out in time, as McHale is a candidate for their 2011′s Sexiest Man Alive title, which will be announced November 18.

Fans of ‘The Soup’ host were, quite frankly, dumb-founded when he performed a strip-pool scene on ‘Community.’ It seemed his wife Sarah Williams forgot to mention her husband is ripped as hell, but now fans are confident that his sexiest will snag him the honor.

As part of PEOPLE’s candidate requirements, McHale had to pick a mundane task and make it sexy. So, choosing to make coffee in his ‘Community’ trailer, he only needed to take his shirt off for that to happen, but the comedian chose to take it a step further.

See for yourself if he succeeds in doing so below.