If you consider yourself a fashionista, have a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired taste in shoes, love Kanye West and can drop six grand for footwear, then we’ve got great news for you. The rapper-turned-budding-fashion-designer is selling a pair of women’s heels in Paris to the tune of nearly $6,000.

According to Star Pulse, the shoes are being sold at Colette, a famed local boutique.

West’s DW Kanye West clothing line debuted on runways during Paris Fashion Week in October of 2011, where it was met with somewhat of a lukewarm response. However, the models were wearing cream-colored, strappy heels with pearls and a sweater-like look, and those generated plenty of “Oohs and ahhs” from the fashion crowd. Yeezy partnered with Giuseppe Zanotti to design those very shoes, which look like slouchy booties, which are very “right now.”

West has previous shoe experience, having worked with both a high-end fashion house (Louis Vuitton) and a mass merchant street wear company (Nike) to create sneakers in the past. Zanotti is right up there with Blahnik, Atwood and Louboutin when it comes to sexy, coveted shoes with lofty price tags! Remember, Lady Gaga referenced the designer in the prelude to her ‘Marry the Night’ video. He’s certainly earned the respect of pop stars, so it makes perfect sense for West to have worked with him.

This particular pair has a street feel, and you can dress them up or down, depending on your mood or personal style.

While West has scored a win with these extra expensive stilettos, he isn’t daunted by the not-so-posi reaction to the duds in his collection. He has returned for another round of Fashion Week to debut his Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.