Katy Perry says, "Fame is, I think, disgusting. And it's really hard to separate your public life from your personal life." Rolling Stone magazine sits down with Katy who elaborates on the right and wrong kind of fame and where she stands. Role model, party of one. 

Katy Perry is a fascinating individual. At least I find her to be that way. Have you seen her movie? I fell in love with her when she absolutely broke my heart during the "scene" where she's sobbing backstage at one of her shows and literally pulls it together by taking a deep breath and doing everything she can to put it aside in order to give her fans the best show she can.

Who is able to do that? I think of my daily life and how I would act in that situation. I can tell you that I would be incredibly unsuccessful when it comes to hiding emotions or "pulling it together" for someone else. I'd just spill it. All.

Katy talks about how fame is disgusting but goes on to say that if you've got talent or something to offer the world then it's beautiful. Basically, do something with your fame.

"The best thing now that I've realized is instead of trading my status for, like, bottles at clubs, I can trade my status for incredibly curated tours at museums."

Someone get this girl an award.

Oh wait, they have.

I will own this Rolling Stone so I can read the whole thing. Are you with me? In the meantime, read more HERE.