It’s Kesha’s birthday, and she’s celebrating in a big way. The ‘Tik Tok’ singer is giving herself yet another mini-makeover for the occasion, and it’s one of the fiercest styles we’ve seen not just from her, but from anyone.

Leading up to her big 2-5, Kesha posted a photo on Tuesday of a stylist putting actual studs on the shaved side of her head! Her only comment? “Is happening,” she tweeted. Rocking awesome mod-meets-Cleopatra winged eyeliner, Kesha looks ready to party (what else would she be doing?).

This is only the latest in a series of image changes for the Jack Daniels enthusiast. Glamour shocked the world when they published photos of a cleaned up Kesha. She first shaved the side of her head in January, which looked awesome but garnered some criticism from another pop star.

The look is an improvement in the eye of the ‘Sleazy’ songstress, who recently tweeted, “I just had a very disturbing realization. I look just like Dog the bounty hunter. #hmmm.” Don’t be silly, K-Dollar-Sign — you’re a hottie!

A birthday isn’t the only thing Kesha is celebrating. She hit 3 million followers on her big day and posted a rainbow colored video clip to thank her loyal, affectionately named “animals.” Check out her sweet tribute below, and check out her Top 10 songs!

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