A man on Reddit says his mom is frustrated with him because he won't attend her best friend's daughter's wedding since his childhood bully will be there.

"My mom has a best friend whose daughter is going to get married this summer ... Even though they've been friends for 30 years, I haven't seen or talked to [my mom's friend] in 25 years, and the same goes for the daughter and [my mom's friend's] husband, who when I was little and he was in his 30s used to give me wedgies, belittle and make fun of me," the man shared.

When his mom informed him about the wedding, he quickly told her that he had no interest in attending.

"After that, she asked me why (I don't know if she doesn't remember any of the things that he did or thinks of them as 'just jokes' or what) and I replied with a vague 'things from the past,'" he wrote.

"The conversation ended with her saying something like, 'You will barely talk to him because he will be busy with other guests and his daughter. If you miss the wedding because of him you are just letting him win,' and me replying, 'I don't care about that, I just don't want to see him even if for a second,'" he continued.

The man noted that his mom continued to pester him about the wedding for weeks, telling him it would make her "really happy" if he went with her.

"The last thing she did was buy me a plane ticket for the wedding, which I rejected. That was last week. Yesterday, her best friend called me and told me that my mom feels sad, that I should think about her, that it's important for her and it would make her really happy," he shared.

"I started to feel bad, but said no," the man concluded his post.

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Reddit users sided with the man in the comments section, with many slamming his mom for pressuring him after he already said no.

"You are not obligated to go to someone's wedding just because they invited you. I am not sure why your mom is so hung up on you attending when you have not had a relationship with her friend (or the bride) for decades," one person wrote.

"Nothing says 'I could care less about you' than your mom trying to make you spend time with your bully. She didn't defend him when he was a child and she wouldn't mind feeding him to the bully now. Mom just doesn't care, at all," another commented.

"Mom seems to believe that time heals all wounds. It does not ... Everyone has the right to draw their own line without family interference," someone else weighed in.

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