I had a thirst yesterday. A thirst that could only be quenched by an ice cold beer. I found my self with a specific craving for Corona. Corona is one of those beers synonymous with refreshing for me. But, there is one downside. Corona is at its tastiest when it is ice cold. But, for ever minute that it slowly gets warmer , the less I enjoy it. I know that same could be said for just about any beer. Including beers from breweries around Montana. Thankfully, we have koozies. Koozies are those beer saving inventions, that simply insulate your beer and extend the life of it remaining cold.

Another enemy of the ice cold beer, is constantly opening the cooler for another beer. This will melt your ice faster and faster the more and more you open the lid. That is why you need to DIY you own "Beer Koozie Push Pop."

Simply sacrifice one of your family's pool floats to a genius creation. DIY your own multi-can koozie.

Another great hack for a hot Montana summer, involves another pool float. This project is perfect for those who are all about lounging in the pool, the river or on the lake. Using your pool float, you can create a floating koozie. Basically creating your own mini party barge, that is made specifically for your beverage.

All you will need is a pool float, popsicle sticks and a little bit of glue.


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