Montana Police Are Looking Out For These Violations

Montana is a great state to live and work in, and it's full of some really wonderful people.

Unfortunately, there are also some pretty bad drivers, according to some recent reports.

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A woman puts on lipstick while driving

Montana Ranks In The Top 10 For Bad Drivers

According to the website Car Insurance Comparison, Montana is the third-worst state for drivers in America.

Our two biggest problems when it comes to driving violations in Montana are that we love to speed, and we don't want to wear our seat belts while doing so.

Combine both of those things together, and we end up being one of the worst states for fatal accidents.

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What Other Violations Are Montana Police Cracking Down On?

Those aren't the only ways to find yourself in trouble with the police in Montana, as there are plenty of other violations that they'll be on the lookout for.

You might even be guilty of a few of the violations yourself, as no one is perfect and at times we all can get a bit distracted when driving.

Keep yourself safe and out of trouble by taking extra precaution when traveling in Montana, both in town and out on the highway, and by knowing what violations the police are on the lookout for in the gallery below.

Top 10 Driving Violations for Montana

Here is a look at the most common driving violations in the state of Montana

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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