If I start dabbling in the vegan world, what are the tastiest snack foods I can still eat? I'm guessing every person who wants to become vegan wonders this same thing. Although I have no intention personally of giving up meat entirely, my healthiest friends have convinced me about the benefits of at least trying 'vegan weeks'.

There's the very basic desire to be a little more healthy, that's it. Get more exercise and cut way down on animal fat and other stuff we know isn't that great for us. But I'm definitely a snacker and often don't have time to prepare specific meals.

Turns out, that's no problem! There are lots of snacks, treats, and sweets that are actually vegan! Excepts for a few of the obvious choices below, I was pleasantly surprised at the list of vegan snacks we found.

To compile this list of vegan snacks, we gathered info from several sources, including EatThis.com, Peta.org, and HealthLine.com. Both "sweet tooth" people and "salty/crunchy" people can find a break from the salad life.

  • Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate (70%, 85%, 90%, and 99% cacao varieties)
  • Almond Butter Stuffed Dried Dates (you can find these in specialty stores but it's probably way easier to make your own)
  • Willy Wonka Fun Dip (yeah, it's basically all sugar...but at least it feels like a treat)
  • Follow Your Heart Yogurt (I have not yet tried this brand but as a daily LOVER, my biggest challenge will be finding good dairy alternatives during vegan weeks)
  • Oatmeal Energy Balls (Stores have different varieties of these snacks and I liked the a lot, to my surprise. They're very filling. If you want to make your own, HealthLine has No-Bake Energy Ball recipe:

Combine one cup (90 grams) of old-fashioned oats, 1/2 cup (125 grams) of peanut butter, 1/3 cup (113 grams) maple syrup, two tablespoons of hemp seeds and two tablespoons of raisins. Divide and roll the batter into balls and store in your refrigerator.

  • Nutter Butter Cookies (hard to believe there's no dairy or eggs in this Nabisco classic)
  • Stacy’s Pita Chips (Some of my favorite pita chips in the world anyway!)
  • Dried Coconut and Dark Chocolate (most of us have this around for baking, so if you need a super quick sweet treat...there you go)
  • Ore-Ida Golden Crinkles (Nice. I realize that we're talking about potatoes, but I falsely assumed there was some sort of animal fat in there to make them yummy. Nope! They're vegan.)
  • Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars—Peanut Butter (not all of the Nature Valley line is vegan, but the peanut butter flavor is fine)

Trying "vegan weeks" will also give me a chance to nosh on my favorite thing, more often - SUSHI! Sure, it will have to be vegan sushi but even then, there are tons of great sushi options.


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