Truth be told, I have a love/hate relationship with Bozeman, Montana. It's been my home for many years. Four years at Montana State wasn't quite enough. I went there for six. Before moving here, every summer was spent south of Ennis on the Madison fly fishing with my dad.

It's easy to love this place, but it's also easy to whine when it's -20 in February or when the cottonwoods are blooming and you can hardly breathe.

Even then, SUMMER IN BOZEMAN will always have a special place in my psyche and I try to enjoy every minute of it. "Summer's lease hath all too short a date".

Bozeman Music on Main Crowd


Almost every healthy downtown in America has some form of Music on Main. Bozeman happens to have a fantastic summer music series which is free and open to the public every Thursday evening for eight weeks.

Get the full lineup of this year's Music on Main here.

Become a umpire this season!


(The key word there is WATCHING softball games). Bozeman has a great softball complex up by the hospital and my Friday evenings are usually filled with watching my friends and family play. It ain't really my game so I only play when there's a roster emergency but there's something about watching those games that starts my weekends off on a pretty wholesome note. I love it.

Sunflowers in Bozeman September 2013 (Photo Michelle Wolfe)


It doesn't really matter what I'm planting or trying to grow. If I'm in the garden, I'm a happy camper. Getting dirty and knowing that flowers or veggies will soon be blooming gives me pleasure no matter HOW bad a day/week I've had.