What is designed to be a great tool to see snow removal progress across Bozeman has become an unexpected moment of Zen when I need a break. There's an online map that lets you view the most recent activity of the City of Bozeman snow removal crews.

You can geek track the plowing map and information to the point that your quick 5 minute distraction break turns into a 30 minute analysis of how much sand the city used in the last snow year. Seriously. (Or is that just me?)

See the City of Bozeman Winter Operations Dashboard HERE

This cool tool shows you not only where the big City plows are located right now, but where they've been. How many miles of plowing has been done so far? How many streets are getting sanded?

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You can track the current day, the last 48 hours, the last week or even the entire snow season. It's a cool little app if you've got a dorky streak which I most certainly do.

For instance, this past week: 1,083 miles were plowed in the Bozeman area! What a hyper-local piece of trivia you now know.

NOT ALL "STREETS" IN BOZEMAN ARE MAINTAINED BY THE CITY OF BOZEMAN. This little tidbit always trips people up. To be clear: "North 19th, North 7th, North Rouse, Sections of Main Street and Huffine Lane are designated state roadways. These roadways are plowed and maintained by the ORANGE Montana Department of Transportation Plows. For questions or concerns about these state roadways call (406) 556-4700."

The City of Bozeman Snow Plowing details can be found right here. The City does a good job explaining the plan online, and the crews do an exceptional job of getting that stuff out of our way as much as possible. This tool just allows you to estimate when those plows will hit your street!

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