We're still waiting for more snow to arrive, by a few ski areas in Montana are already operating on a limited basis. Ski areas in Montana take advantage of the warm dry months during the summer to complete projects and upgrades.

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One of the biggest stories this year has been the new Lone Peak Tram at Big Sky Resort. The new tram will include an all-glass viewing platform with panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and down the fall line of Lone Mountain through a glass floor. The tram also has an increased capacity of 75 people per cabin. The Grand Opening celebration is scheduled for Tuesday, December 19.

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Big Sky Resort isn't the only ski area in Montana that recently announced exciting changes. A new chairlift was recently installed at Red Lodge Mountain and the name of the lift pays homage to the resort's general manager, Jeff Schmidt.

According to Unofficial Networks, the name of the new chairlift was inspired by Schmidt's fantastic mustache and could be the best name for a chairlift we've ever heard.

The Stache Express

Red Lodge Mountain Announces Opening of New Chair Lift

The name of the new chairlift at Red Lodge Mountain is The Stache Express. It gives the term "Mustache Rides" a whole new meaning. Sorry, we couldn't resist making a joke about it. If there is an award for the best chairlift name, The Stache Express is deserving. Here are a few more details about it.

This high-speed detachable triple chairlift, which originally was at Alta, replaced the Miami Beach chairlift. With the predecessor being a fixed-grip double chairlift, the Stache Express has a much faster speed. The new chairlift spans 2558 feet, has a vertical rise of 521 feet, and can carry 1800 guests per hour. The Stache Express goes further up the mountain compared to its predecessor, giving access to more terrain. The Stache Express services mostly beginner terrain, and gives guests access to the Palisades Quad.

The Stache Express
Red Lodge Mountain

To learn more about Red Lodge Mountain and The Stache Express, click here.

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