Sometimes while you are shopping or walking around a nice little snack can hit the spot, and this place might become a huge hit.

I was walking around the Gallatin Valley Mall the other day and I walked by a sign for a new business that will be setting up shop in their food court and I have to say, I am excited to see what they will have.

Loco's Mexican Snacks is going to be set up right at the main entrance of the food court of the Gallatin Valley Mall, right next to El Rodeo Mexican Food. According to the Gallatin Valley Mall, Loco's Mexican Snacks,

Will offer Mexican snacks and desserts, ice cream, fruit dishes, and more!

That sounds pretty darn delicious if you ask me. They have a pretty prime location in the Gallatin Valley Mall food court and being right next to El Rodeo is honestly a win-win for them. El Rodeo is a local favorite for Mexican food and to grab food there and then dessert from Loco's Mexican Snacks sounds like that will help both businesses out.

The Gallatin Valley Mall has a lot of popular stores new and mainstays like Journey's Footwear, Apricot Lane, and more. Plus, they have Whole Foods on the way as well. The Gallatin Valley Mall is becoming a destination for one-stop shopping on the west end of Bozeman and we can't wait to see what comes next.

For more details, check out the Gallatin Valley Mall.

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