A popular food truck that served Bozeman residents for over four years is moving into a new location in the near future.


The People's Sandwich food truck once roamed the streets of Bozeman before permanently moving to Butte in April 2022. Many customers in the area were sad to see the food truck go. I mean, where else can you get a Cu-Bahn-Mi sandwich in Bozeman?

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We're not sure why the owners of The People's Sandwich decided to move operations to Butte, but maybe it's the fact that Bozeman is literally overflowing with food truck options. You can still find a great sandwich in Bozeman. My personal favorite is Low-Key Sandwiches on Oak St. in front of Kenyon Noble.

The People's Sandwich recently shared some exciting news on social media; they will soon be Homestake Pub. The new venture will feature many of the classic sandwiches currently on its menu, as well as dinner options, beer, and wine.


The official opening date for Homestake Pub hasn't been announced, but it's expected to open sometime before the end of the year. The new brick-and-mortar building is located at 1107 Utah Avenue. If you live in Butte or the surrounding area, you can get updates here.

We're sad that The People's Sandwich is no longer in Bozeman, but we're happy to hear that another locally-owned Montana business is expanding. We'll definitely have to check out the new spot the next time we're in Butte.

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